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Residential Sealcoating

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Basic Asphalt Services Include

          ♦    Asphalt Machine Edged:  Removes Vegetation And Debris From Perimeter Of Asphalt

          ♦    Asphalt Cleaned:  Asphalt Must Be Clean Of Dirt And Debris for Proper Sealcoat Adhesion

          ♦    Tape Off Borders When Needed::  This Will Protect All Borders And Ensure A Neat Clean Service

          ♦    Pre-Treat Asphalt:  Oil & Grease Spots, If Present, Are Pre-Treated Prior To Sealcoating

          ♦    Apply Overlapping Coats Of Sealer:  Sealer Is Applied in Overlapping Coats For Optimal Coverage

          ♦    Sealer Is Mixed With Sand For Added Slip Resistance



  1. How long do we have to stay off the driveway?    24-48 hours for driving, 3-6 hours for walking.
  2. What if the weather is unsuitable on our scheduled day?   Asphalt sealing is a very weather sensitive service. Typically we will not sealcoat residential driveways when our forecasts show a 40% chance or greater of rain or high winds. Please be patient, as it is not uncommon for some customers to be rescheduled several times. We want to sealcoat your driveway as much as you want the service completed; however our main priority is to maintain professional services that protect the homeowner.
  3. When is the sealing season?   Typically we seal between May-November. Temperatures must be above 50 degrees.
  4. Do we have to be home?    No, we understand that our customers have busy schedules and do not require homeowners to be present at the time of services. If you are not able to be there an invoice will be left for you to pay for your service.
  5. Methods of payments?    We accept personal checks and cash payments.
  6. Will you secure the driveway entrance?    Yes, we will place ribbon across the front of driveway.
  7. What if it rains before the sealer is dry?    Because precipitation can sometimes be unpredictable, if in the event it rains before the sealer is dry and washes off your application we will return at no cost to reapply your sealer.  Alpha Seal cannot be held responsible for damage done to your home or property in the event of weather conditions beyond our control.
  8. Why do you mix sand in your sealer?    Sealer without sand will become very slippery in all types of moisture producing conditions.
  9. Will asphalt sealer fill my cracks?    No, asphalt sealer is not a filler and will not act as such. To fill cracks you must apply crackfilling agents, either hot or cold applications.
  10. Will Every Crack Be Filled?    Our optional crackfilling services are for all major cracks in your driveway. In many cases the asphalt has too many cracks there can be no guarantee that all cracks will be filled. You can be assured that we will service all cracks that are of detriment to your asphalt.  All other cracks are sealed with the application of asphalt sealer.

 Check Cracking

Check cracking or chicken wire cracking is one of the most commonly seen problems with previously sealed asphalt. The causes are due to over applications or too frequent applications of asphalt sealer.  If your asphalt resembles the pictures below, asphalt sealing WILL NOT eliminate this problem as it is not your asphalt cracking it is the build up of asphalt sealer currently on your pavement